About the Town

Trpanj and surroundings are environmentally pure areas. There are no industrial plants on the entire peninsula. This eliminates the need for big ships to visit our shores, so a risk of pollution is down to the minimum. 
You can find many beaches in and around Trpanj. These beaches vary in size and composition - some are sandy, some are stony, some covered with gravel, and some cemented (flat) - but all are being cleaned daily! Nearby pine forests give that special Med aroma to the sea air and necessary shade for sensitive skin. Some beaches feature a cafe! Please see the gallery of Trpanj beaches! Families will enjoy special facilities for kids: very shallow sea on the "Luka" beach and jungle gym in the Pine Park in the Town Center.

Trpanj has solid sports facilities, including a soccer/rugby field. Many sports teams are our returning visitors. 

One of intriguing features of Trpanj is a visit to our old St. Rocco Church. It is situated on the top of the hill with the same name. To get there one needs to climb a marble staircase of a few hundred stairs - each with a name of a faithful benefactor chiseled out in marble. 
From here, popular walking path will take you "around the sea"! Well, that is how we call that beautiful part of Trpanj - a pathway that runs next to the sea, through pine and cedar forest. Stunning views, air that reeks of pine needles and cedar resin, peace and tranquility - it's a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Other facilities Trpanj can offer:
- A separate nudist beach
- Diving school (special offer for the guest of "Katic" Apartments)
- Sports grounds - a solid soccer / rugby field

For those with rheumatic, female and/or similar problems, Trpanj can offer a unique blend of medically tested and proven sulphur-hydrogen rich sea-mud. This unique mélange is available at a particular inlet ("Blatze") that receives no wind and no waves from the open sea. 
Blatze healing sea-mud belongs to peloid group. When these healing powers of sea-mud are combined with tranquility of the surrounding, Blatze part of Trpanj coast becomes an ideal place for healing, relaxation and rehabilitation.

That's why we say that in Trpanj  Nature is still natural!